About Geneplus Breeders(K)Limited

Geneplus cultivates appropriate partnerships both in the development spheres and private sectors by facilitating and providing commercial solutions that are both economically viable and sustainable to all farming communities.

We maintains a well-established distribution network for genetics, Liquid nitrogen, Artificial Insemination equipment and Udder care products, all backed up with competent teams and consultants and support structure in animal husbandry, breeding, and animal nutrition throughout Kenya.

We have extensive experience in providing genetics, genetic improvement programs capacity building and support services in Kenya and East Africa.

We are the official distributor of ABS Global division of Genus PLC, in Kenya, a world leader in bovine genetics and artificial breeding technology. ABS has been in Kenya for over 20years. GenePlus has headquarters in Nairobi Kenya with her primary office located in westlands along David Osieli Road, Wendy Court Office Park.


Our Vision

Pioneering animal genetic and herd improvement to help nourish the world. That’s the bold powerful, emotional vision we live by. Geneplus is a leader in applying science to animal breeding, animal nutrition and creating advances through research, biotechnology and selling added value products for livestock farming and food processors.

Our Mission

Geneplus is at the forefront of animal genetics and herd improvement. We pioneer in this sector and will continue to lead with differentiated and proprietary animal improvement solutions that better meet the needs of our customers. Our customers are evolving, consolidating, and building a deeper understanding of the value that genetic and herd improvement can have on their bottom line and prosperity. Geneplus is here to help customers build a more efficient and profitable herd faster than any other company.

Geneplus Breeders(K)ltd