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Our liquid nitrogen (LN2) containers provide our customers a long-term storage tank with low liquid nitrogen evaporation in a sturdy light-weight, economical unit. They come with a padded insulated cover which helps protect the tank from damage and reduces liquid nitrogen loss and a LN2 level measuring stick!

You can buy liquid nitrogen tanks in several sizes to fit your specific needs. These tanks are manufactured to world class level of quality and will perform in the most demanding environments. We are wide distributors of Cryogenics Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tanks and Dry Shippers and a whole range of Artificial insemination material and equipment.

Geneplus in partnership with BOC assures our clients of a steady and reliable supply of these rare commodity. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, almost totally inert gas comprising approximately 79% by volume of air. It is nonflammable and will not support combustion.

We supply Nitrogen in cylinders as a high-pressure gas, or in insulated range of containers as a liquid.

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